Derek Burrows | Feature | 85 mins | 2016 | USA/Bahamas | English | PG 13



I grew up ‘white’ in The Bahamas and arrived into America to being seen as black. My ‘white’ sister had a black boyfriend who my mother rejected due to her fear of rejection herself. One Christmas we finally confronted her about her difficulty with her children dating and marrying people darker than her. It was through DNA testing that we discovered a truth that our mother would not want to know and as a family unit were finally able to forgive her.


Derek Burrows is a master storyteller, modern troubadour, and filmmaker who has currently completed a personal documentary; Before the Trees Was Strange; a story of his family and how they dealt with the racism issue growing up with a Mother whose fears of being perceived as black caused her to reject her children’s choices in their lives.

One of four national storytellers, Derek was invited to the first National Book Festival sponsored by the White House and First Lady Laura Bush.

Derek has performed for over 30 years with Voice of the Turtle with many instruments, medieval and modern.