Sabrina Comanescu | 11 mins | Canada | English, Romanian | HD


Natasha Korney, Ajay Musodi, Aris Nsungani, Rodney Diverlus


After they cycle through two steps back and one step forward again, the dangers of complacency are revealed and the reward that is nestled in perseverance is imagined. Conceivably this is the taste of Bonum.


Sabrina Naz Comanescu is a dynamic member of the Calgary Dance Community through her work as an instructor, performer, choreographer and filmmaker. As a performer, Comanescu has worked with House of Dangerkat, The Bad Girls Club YYC, ILLFX Entertainment and is currently an apprentice dancer with the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks professional company. She is also the current major force behind The Diversity Performing Arts Club of Calgary that “celebrates cultural diversity while promoting inclusion and respect for all”. She also created Casa De Naz (CDN) in 2012, a collective with a mission to “excite and educate art hubs across Canada about the thriving Caribbean community in Calgary and the arts of the Caribbean as a whole”.
In the past eighteen years of her formal dance training, Comanescu has focused on the many styles within the urban, Caribbean, Jazz and West African genres of Dance. She has also had the opportunity to train and perform in Trinidad and Tobago, Finland, New York City and Romania on several occasions.
Select performance credits include: Hedley, Diplo, Diversity Performing Arts Club of Calgary, Pulse Studios, Decidedly Jazz Dancework’s Pre-Professional training program, Carifest Calgary, Cariwest Edmonton, Global Fest, North Vancouver’s Caribbean Days Festival and the University of Calgary’s 45th Dance Montage.
Choreographed and directed film works include: ‘Make it Shake’ (CDN), ‘Raggamuffin’ (CDN), ‘Everything Nice’ (CDN), ‘MOR’ (CDN), Three Kings’ (CDN) and ‘BONUM’ (CDN via the Festival of Recorded Movement, Vancouver BC).