Director: Alison Tabois Latchman
Country: Jamaica
Year of Production: 2010
Total Running Time: 5 min
Language: English
Genre: Animation
Rating: PG
Country: Canada
Year of Production: 2015
Total Running Time: 59 min
Language: English
Rating: PG



Cabbie Chronicles is an animated farce about a cab driver navigating the absurd complexities of modern Jamaican life.

The series is made up of 26, 11-minute episodes comprising mainly of five to six minute Short s. It chronicles situations that may occur on any given day in Jamaica while Cabbie himself provides sporadic irreverent commentary, verbal or otherwise. The stories presented encompass people and experiences from all walks of life and from varied perspectives, sometimes embellished to expose the comedic element.

Cabbie, a.k.a. Delly, has old school sensibilities and little tolerance for indiscipline, stupidity and the general moral decline he sees taking place. Supporting Cabbie in the series is his loving, patient, church-going wife, Eula Tanya Chung, Cabbie’s “hottie hottie baby modda” a fellow taxi driver, Stoosh Puss, who is the total opposite of Cabbie — a reprobate and, Officer Smith, a.k.a. Taxman, a policeman who is the bane of every taximan’s existence on the road.