Howard J Davis | Short | 8 mins | Canada | French | HD


Jenny Brizard


Set in modern day Montréal “C’est Moi” explores the collision of the past as it meets the present in the forgotten story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a figure of Black Canadian History and her efforts to fight against slavery in 18th Century New France.

How much of our past is erased in the restoration of history?


Howard J. Davis is an emerging filmmaker of diverse heritage and an entrepreneur of many artistic trades. As a filmmaker he directs, produces and edits films. He hopes to establish a reputation for developing and producing innovative films for both theatrical stage and screen markets.
With a desire to share high-impact and informative work both artistically and commercially, Howard’s work has won awards and screened Internationally. Recent film work include C’est Moi (2017), the Tarragon Theatre’s Millenial Malcontent and Black Theatre Workshop’s The Mountaintop.

Upcoming work includes shadowing director Marie Clements as a producing assistant on her new feature Red Snow (2018), Video Design at Canada’s Neptune Theatre and The Shaw Festival Canada’s second largest repertory Theatre company.

He has also performs professionally in Film & Television (Downsizing, 12 Monkeys) and theatre (Shaw Festival, Factory Theatre) Upcoming: Native Earth, Cahoots and Paper Canoe Projects.

His previous short “Shakespeare Shorts” was an official of the Stratford-Upon-Avon short film festival in 2014 & 2017 curated by Sir Kenneth Branagh as well as his film “MOVE4EQUAL”, which was in response to Emma Watson’s heforshe campaign for male advocacy in support of feminism and Madonna’s #Artforfreedom for women’s rights.

He hopes to continue building a practice in telling stories of his heritage, marginalized cultures not at the forefront of history and modern original works with an emphasis on bringing classical, theatrical and historical context to a contemporary cinema and how the past can always inform the future.