Director: Evan Kaufmann
Country: St. Thomas Virgin Islands
Year of Production: 2011
Total Running Time: 87 min
Language: English
Rating: PG



Chance chronicles the actions of Darnell Smith, a young, big-hearted St. Thomian, who is the sole breadwinner for his family and whose photography skills have landed him a scholarship to school in the States. But with graduation inching closer, Darnell’s mother slips closer to death from an undiagnosed disease. Lacking the funds to afford treatment and with no one to look after his brothers and sister, Darnell forgoes school to team up with a local crime lord in a desperate move to take care of his family and save his mother’s life.


Evan Kaufmann is an award winning film, music video, and commercial director currently living in Los Angeles, California. His cinematic style and skill for storytelling have made him an in-demand director in his respective fields. Kaufmann was hand-picked by Chance screenwriter Mark Owens to helm the project and bring it to existence. The team spent 2 months on the island of St. Thomas with a minimal crew and budget in hopes of bringing the gritty tale of survival, love, and faith to life! Today, Kaufmann and his wife produce several projects.