Director: Stephen Young-Chin
Country: Canada
Year of Production: 2012
Total Running Time: 45 mins
Language: English
Rating: G



It’s one of the most popular sports on the planet and has a strong root in Canada’s history. Cricket Nation looks at the widespread impact of the game on various Canadians including some beer league hockey players who gave the sport a try.

In this one-hour documentary written, directed and produced by Stephen Young-Chin, “Cricket Nation” introduces a group of beer league hockey players who believe that if they can play a tough sport like hockey, they can easily handle cricket. To prove it, they accept a challenge. Find out what happens when these board-slamming hockey heroes face one of the best cricket bowlers in Canada.


FIRST LAST (director)
Stephen Young Chin has worked in both the film and television industry for over 23 years.. Now, as a Producer/Director, Stephen has made the sports documentary Footie for SUN TV in Canada and in 2012, Cricket Nation, commissioned by Rogers Broadcasting.