Director: Richard Fung
Country: Canada/Trinidad & Tobago
Year of Production: 2012
Total Running Time: 80 min
Language: English
Rating: PG



The recipe for dal puritraveled with indentured workers from India’s Gangetic plain to southern Caribbean colonies of Britain and the Netherlands in the 19th Century. In the 1960s the wrapped roti migrated from Trinidad to North America, where it is known as Caribbean or West Indian roti and is popular in cities like New York and Toronto. As the dish moved from home fire to street stall to restaurant chain, and from festival to fast food, the flatbread was radically transformed in ingredients, cooking method, ways of eating and identity. Shot in Toronto, Trinidad and India, this documentary tracks dal puri’s remarkable passage across space and time, linking colonialism, migration and the globalization of tastes. The Documentary Feature s interviews with leading food writers and scholars including Pushpesh Pant, Naomi Duguid, Brinsley Samaroo, Radhika Mongia and Patricia Mohammed.


RICHARD FUNG (director)
Richard Fung is now firmly based in Toronto, where he built his reputation as a video installation artist, writer and theorist, while contributing to educating others.

His work has been based on challenging the way that the public thinks about gay pornography, colonialism, immigration, racism, homophobia and AIDS all the while holding on to his roots and strong family history from Trinidad and Tobago.