Director: Kyle Walcott
Country: Tobago
Year of Production: 2014
Total Running Time: 15 min
Language: English
Rating: PG



Glass Bottom Boat is a moving tale that challenges pre-conceived notions about love that crosses borders. It tells the story of Janet Wells, who came to Tobago on vacation with her sister and fell in love with more than just the beauty of the island. She fell in love with a man named Galla. Janet’s honest recollection of her time in Tobago with her partner as well as her love for the island of Tobago itself reveals a journey of joy, pain and healing.


Born in Trinidad and raised in Tobago by his grandmother, Kyle Walcott is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer who found his passions during his first on-set experience at 17. His first venture into filmmaking in the Secondary School Film Festival won his group the Tobago award as well as 6 other nominations including best film and best director.

He continues to explore all the opportunities that filmmaking has to offer, through working and attending the UWI Film Programme.