Gayle Wilmot | Documentary | 20 mins | Canada | English | Digital HD



Hearts of Steel is a fun, inspiring, compelling documentary film that follows a group of Toronto teenagers as they prepare and practise rigorously for a musical competition for steel bands. Along the way they learn leadership, commitment, trust, multi-cultural respect and the value of belonging to a musical family. The film captures their hard work, emotional stress and unbridled joy as they move toward the finish line. .


Gayle Wilmot is a Toronto writer/director who has just completed her first film, the music documentary Hearts of Steel. Prior to creating the film, Gayle spent 17 years in the advertising and marketing business. She then moved her energies over to a variety of artistic and social programming pursuits while raising her family. Most recently, Gayle has been developing creative musical programs for stroke survivors who have lost their language abilities. She continues to be involved as a player and manager in Toronto’s rich steel band community.