Francesca Hawkins | Trinidad | 2018 | 13mins


Jason jones


In 2017 Jason Jones, a human rights activist filed an historic constitutional motion against the state, challenging colonial-era anti-homosexual laws in Trinidad and Tobago. The case opens up deep divisions between civil rights activists and politically powerful religious groups. One year later, Jason returns home from London where he now lives, to attend the court for the judge’s verdict. On the morning of the case, he wakes up wearily to the news that several LGBTQIA activists have received death threats overnight. Jason must face his opponents outside the Hall of Justice and inside the courtroom. Judgment Day explores emotive events on the day of the landmark ruling in the case Jason Jones v. the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago.

footnote: this case was subsequently cited in September 2018, in the Supreme Court of India when anti-0homosexual laws were struck down.


Journalist and filmmaker


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