Director: Mary Wells
Country: Jamaica
Year of Production: 2013
Total Running Time: 90 min
Language: English
Rating: 14A


Christopher Daley
Camille Small
Greggory Nelson
Paul Shoucair
Peter Abrikian


Finding himself stuck in the violent ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, a sympathetic street hustler (Christopher Johnny Daley) devises a daring but not-so-clever plan to steal a fancy sports car, right under the owners nose, after which things rapidly go downhill until he finds himself at rock bottom and begins to realize that he has to change in order to fulfill his dreams.


MARY WELLS (director)
Mary Wells is the first woman director living and working in Jamaica to direct a narrative 2014, feature film , Kingston Paradise. She is an award winning independent director, writer and producer who has worked for government broadcasting, US cable TV, a private production company and has some 20 years experience in television and film production. In her independent work, she focuses on the Caribbean region, specializing in documentary.