Johann Nertomb | Guadeloupe | 2018 | 7 mins


Camille Desfassiaux, Carole Desfassiaux, Céline Morel, Jean- Baptiste Perran


Stay in love despite the drama, the incomprehension and the silence. Jacques and Sophie can’t do it anymore. Their marriage is in danger, and for Amélie, their 7 year old daughter, they must continue to live.


Johann Nertomb is an accomplished journalist, originally from Guadeloupe. His career has spanned over several continents; France where he worked for French TV, “France O” as well as the news magazine, “7-8 “on “TF1”, “Complement d’Enquète” and “Envoye Special” on “France 2”. A year and a half ago, he embarked on a new career as a multi-platform reporter for “Radio Canada” in Vancouver, Canada. His passion for cinema is evident wherever he is. His personal achievements include producing the first Guadeloupean fiction series, “Soukougnans”, in 2008, “Vivre encore”, a 2013 film documenting the daily lives of children with cancer at Garches hospital, which is near Paris and “PAJWE”, a 2016 film for which he won the Short Film Festival le “prix de court” in Guadeloupe and the Chelsea Festival Performance Award in New York.