Screening Block includes:
FEATURE PRESENTATION: Le Gang Des Antillais - West Indies Gang

DATE/TIME: 09/16/2017, 6:15pm
ADDRESS: Royal Theatre, 608 College St


Jean-Claude Barny | Feature | 90 mins | 2016 | Guadeloupe/France | English | PG 18


Jimmy (Djedje Apali),
Politik (Eriq Ebouaney),
Molokoy (Adama Niane),
Liko (Vincent Vermignon),
Odile (Zoé Charron),
Linda (Zita Hanrot),
Samia (Lise Lomi),
Ahmed (Karim Belkhadra),
Jackson (Djibril Pavade),
Marraine (Jocelyne Béroard),
Mère Jimmy (Josette Martial),
Patrick Chamoiseau (Lucien Jean Baptiste),
Nicole (Romane Bohringer),
Patron du café (Mathieu Kassovitz),
Tchieko (Patrice Nyoung),
Nosmoke (Albert Narayaninsamy)
Timalo : Teamour Barny.


Image / Photo : Claude Garnier
Son / Sound : Eric Boisteau
Montage image / Editing : Svetlana Vaynblat
Montage son/ Sound Editing : Lionel Montabord
Décor / : Philippe Lacomblez
Mixage / Mixing : Lionel Montabord
Musique / Music : Thibault Kientz-Agyeman
Musiques additionnelles / Aditionel music : James « BKS » Edjouma
Production déléguée / Executive Producer : Sébastien Onomo et Serge Lalou
Direction de production / Production Manager : Thomas Santucci
Direction de post-production : Luc Pourrinet & Sandra Haize


Le Gang des Antillais is an adaptation of Loïc Lery’s book, written while he was in Fleury-Merogis. The book retraces the story of an Antillean labourer’s group in the 1970s. In order to appease social and cultural claims, the French government moved a whole group of ultra-marine youngsters to the Metropolis. At their arrival, the young Creoles must deal with daily racism and insecurity. The main character, Jimmy, is led through a fate he can not control. Facing violence, he realises his responsibilities, shortcomings and desires. Meeting Patrick Chamoiseau, his prison’s instructor, will become his liberation. This movie, by Jean-Claude Barny, is an additional tool for the historic Black empowerment struggle and their place in society.


Jean- Claude Barny’s cinema clearly asserts its Caribbean identity, halfway between the European arthouse cinema and the American entertainment industry. He developed two full length movies with Prod Vertigo and Les Films d’Ici. Neg Maron highlighted the fundamental problems of an idle Caribbean youth. Tropiques Amers featured the late eighteenth century France where slaves would develop the sugar economy. In 2012 and 2013, he devoted himself to his next feature film Le Gang des Antillais produced by Les Films d’Ici and Syncroteam Films. In 2014, he directed a telefilm produced by Lizland Films and France 2: Rose et le Soldat.