Director:Nicholas Attin
Country:Trinidad &Tobago
Year of Production:2012
Total Running Time:97 min



LITTLE BOY BLUE follows the character of BILL, a troubled art teacher with a tragic past as he struggles to find happiness.

After confiscating a mysterious pendant from the orphaned student GEORGIE-BOY, visions of a spectre in white plague Bill’s fitful sleep eventually making the terrifying transition from the world of dreams into reality. Plagued by these unnerving nightmares and slowly losing his tenuous grip on the world around him, the already fractured Bill slowly begins to unravel. It is only through the mysterious death of Georgie-Boy, that Bill is forced to recognize the importance of the pendant and the urgency of returning it to its rightful resting place.


Little Boy Blue is the Directorial debut for Trinidadian born Filmmaker Nicholas Anthony Attin who has been involved in filmmaking for the past five years. He has made several Short films and a number of advertisements under his production company, A Runaway Colony Productions Co. Ltd. In 2010, just one month prior to Producing and Directing his first Feature Film , he was involved in the making of a Feature Film titled 3 Line (Christopher Din Chong) where he was Co-Producer, Art Director, Cinematographer and Assistant Editor.