Menelik Shabazz | Feature | 116 mins | 2015 | UK | English | PG 13



Looking For Love attempts to search opinions and feelings from leading experts in the field of male-female relationships to find healing, and forgiveness for all.


Menelik Shabazz is a Barbados-born born multi-award Director/ Producer. He has worked independently or over 35 years in both documentary and fiction. He has produced work for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Shabazz is best known for his acclaimed cult classic Burning An Illusion (1982) which won the Grand Prix at the Amien International Film Festival in 1982. Catch A Fire his BBC drama/doc won the Prized Pieces/National Black Programming Consortium Award (1996/USA). More recently his feature length documentary The Story of Lover’s Rock (2011/UK won the Jury award for Best Documentary at the Trinidad International Film Festival in 2012. The Story of Lover’s Rock became one of the highest-grossing documentaries in UK cinemas in 2011.

His current production is Looking For Love (2015/UK), a feature documentary about black love, relationships and sex in the UK.