Off The Shot Block

Screening Block includes:
SHORTS PROGRAM: A Broken Appointment | A Man's Story | Mariner | E Yobida di Ayera | Manna | Small Change | 3 Cloves Of Garlic

DATE/TIME: 09/16/2017, 4:00pm
ADDRESS: Royal Theatre, 608 College St


Daniel Edward Hyde | Short | 12 mins | 2016 | Belize/USA | English | G


Michael (Sleepy) Meighan


Blackhorse Lowe
Jonathan Vellos
Colin Hyde


On a small remote island, one man lives almost completely isolated from civilization. This dryly humorous film muses playfully on how much we can really remove ourselves from the ‘developed’ world.


Daniel Edward Hyde is of Navajo and Belizean descent based out of the Southwest USA. Daniel’s work has spanned from Hollywood in The Making of Navajo Star Wars (2015), to the Art world in Bert and Wei Wei: Time 2014 (2014), and back to the Navajo Nation with narratives such as The Way Things Are (2011), and Brousins (2012), as well as the role of producer and actor in Blackhorse Lowe’s acclaimed film “Chasing the Light” (2015). With Manna, the focus is now on his Caribbean roots in Belize, with an eye to apply the same passion for storytelling to Caribbean beauty.