Director:Nicolás Sáenz Galvis
Year of Production: 2015
Total Running Time: 21 min
Language: Spanish subtitled in English
Rating: PG



“”Papa Kiké””, a pleasant and gentle old man in the twilight of his life is mentally and physically weakened by old age and health problems. His only way out is to return to his past in his own mind, where he can find solace and memories of a better time where he can live again with his departed wife, Sofía.

But outside his inner world, nothing is looking good for him even his family’s support sometimes seems more like another burden on his life.


Director/screenwriter, Nicolás Sáenz Galvis, is a graduate of the Escuela Nacional de Cine in Bogotá, Colombia, and has written and directed various experimental, documentary and narrative short films, as well as music videos.

Some of his short films have won or been officially selected at renowned Colombian film festivals, including Santa Fé de Antioquia, Villa de Leyva, El Espejo and Equinoxio.

Nicolas is also an actor, with experience in Theater, short films, and advertising, and stars as a main character of a popular Colombian web series: “”En Combo””.