Kurt Orderson | Documentary | 76 min | South Africa | Afrikaans, English, Portuguese | HD



As cities around the world catapult themselves into ‘World Class’, Global City status, we have to ask ourselves, “at what cost”? Not in my Neigbourhood gives the account of citizens on the frontline of the struggle against the intersectional nature of Gentrification from three seemingly World Class Cities.

The film explores the effects of various forms of spatial violence on the spirit and social-psyche of citizens. It follows their daily struggles, trials and triumphant moments, as they try to shape the cities they live in, from the bottom up! Portraying our characters as active citizens, fighting for their right to the city, the film acts as a portrait of stories telling the history of spatial violence within the background of Architectural Apartheid to Gentrification.

Over 4 years filmmaker Kurt Orderson followed the anti-gentrification and police brutality monitoring collective: #copwatch in New York, following the rise to power of Real Estate mogul Donald Trump. Occupation movements in Sao Paulo and traced the legacy of Apartheid Spatial Planning to modern day Gentrification experienced by the characters in Woodstock, Cape Town of his home country South Africa. Making connections through the inter-generational stories of people fighting for the right to their city Not in my Neighbourhood takes the viewer on a journey into the everyday lives of these characters and how they experience and battle spatial violence on a daily basis, leaving you with the question: How has intergenerational displacement carried on into our lifetimes?


Kurt Orderson is an award-winning filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa.

He has worked for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, producing, shooting and directing magazine shows and numerous documentaries for television.

He is the founder and director of Azania Rizing, a production company that aims to inspire young people through creative storytelling about Africa and African Diasporas. The company has aims at mapping the influence of African legacies around the world to facilitate international dialogue by linking local and global stories.

Kurt has directed and produced multiple documentaries and narrative films that have screened at international film festivals and on various broadcasts outlets.

At present Kurt is currently in the final script stage with his latest feature narrative film “ApeTown”.