Director: Malaika Brooks Lowe
Country: Grenada
Year of Production: 2013
Total Running Time: 5 mins
Language: English
Rating: PG


Within the context of a global culture of ‘progress’, this video triptych poses questions about our internal landscapes, as we navigate this rushing stream of forward motion. A rectangular projection made of three separate shots centers around a woman whose fluctuations reflect they ways in which we find ourselves spinning in whirlpools of our own thinking: caught up in our past experiences and our potential future ones. Are we denying ourselves the opportunity to cultivate a sense of complete-ness as we seek progress? How does our constant consumption of materials, ideas, other people and their perceptions, with deceptive ease, weigh on us? This piece invites a sense of unease, a pregnant pause, which seeks to open up room for exploring this line of inquiry.