Director:Ida Does
Country:St. Lucia
Year of Production:2013
Total Running Time:105 min



Poetry is an island is a Feature Documentary film about Nobel laureate, poet, playwright, and visual artist, Derek Walcott. The film depicts an intimate portrait of the poet, as we visit his art studio, his childhood home, and his current residence in St. Lucia. We share Caribbean moments with Walcott as we visit some of his favorite places, his studio, and St. Lucia home. We discover the anger and frustration that the poet holds against the downtime of the arts as he talks to us about the meaning of poetry to him personally, and about the significance of art for humanity. Family members reveal some of the poet’s life challenges, and people who have worked with him speak frankly about their experiences with Walcott. Poetry is an island is an intimate portrait of the man, the poet, and son of the Caribbean: Derek Walcott.


IDA DOES (director)
Ida Does, Director, was born in Suriname and has worked as a journalist, researcher, writer, and documentary filmmaker for the past two decades she resides in Aruba and the Netherlands. After working at a broadcast company for many years she became an independent filmmaker and producer in 2007. Ida previously directed two award-winning documentaries about prominent, national figures of Suriname– : freedom fighter Anton de Kom, and national poet Trefossa.