Kia Redman | Animation | 10 mins | Barbados | English |Digital



“If you think of culture always as a return to roots — R-O-O-T-S — you’re missing the point. I think of culture as routes — R-O-U-T-E-S — the various routes by which people travel, culture travels, culture moves, culture develops, culture changes, cultures migrate, etc.” – Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall’s approaches to the concept of culture and identity have resonated with me throughout the progression of my practice. He describes culture as something alive, tethered to the past, yet flying wildly out into the future, evolving within each new generation. He paints a picture of something that is never still. Yet, what spurred my initial investigations was the notion that the cultural scenery around me always seemed to remain the same. It was something stagnant, as if frozen in a time long past. I sought to coax it into motion by creating my own cultural imagery – mapping my routes – with depictions of my lived experiences.


Kia Redman is an award-winning creative specializing in animation and video. She works as a designer and videographer at Acute Vision Inc. and Bajans in Motion and has recently founded Broken Box, an animation and video production studio.
Kia has had her films screened in local and regional film festivals, participated in group shows, worked with Punch Creative Arena, a local curatorial group and has travelled to international art shows to broaden her artistic knowledge.
Kia’s work focuses on issues of identity, defining culture and documenting histories.