Damon Cardasis | Drama | USA | 2017 | English | 82 mins | HD



Ulysses is a shy and effeminate boy who finds himself coping with new responsibilities as man of the house after the death of his father. 

Living alongside his mother, younger brother, and conservative aunt, Ulysses is also struggling with questions about his gender identity. He finds an escape by creating a world of fantasy filled with dance and music. Ulysses’ journey takes a turn for the better when he finds a vibrant transgender community.


Cardasis is the co-founder of The Lower East Side Film Festival, which showcases low-budget films from around the world. The festival enters its seventh year this June. Past judges include: Ethan Hawke, Susan Sarandon, Laverne Cox, Parker Posey, Marky Ramone, Denis O’Hare, Rebecca Miller, and more.

Cardasis was profiled in OUT MAGAZINE’s 2015 annual Tastemaker issue and was recently named by Cadillac and OUT MAGAZINE as their “Master of Style.”

SATURDAY CHURCH is Cardasis’ first feature script. He wrote, directed, produced and co-wrote the lyrics for it.