Director: Miquel Galofré
Country: Jamaica
Year of Production: 2012
Total Running Time: 74 mins
Language: English
Rating: PG



In the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica, the inmates have no toilets, beds or other basic necessities. What they do have is a very visionary superintendent, an incredible social activist from the Italian consulate, along with some donated skill-building resources which include an internal radio station and a music-recording studio where both wardens and inmates create music together. This creative outlet has changed the prison atmosphere from a place of deep and ever-present violence to one that has fostered the restoration of self-worth and respect among the population, resulting in a dramatic desire to give back constructively to society.

Songs of Redemption is a stream of consciousness as told by young inmates who have been accused of various levels of crime. These inmates, raised under the worst of circumstances, tell their stories in raw emotion where their striking renewed sense of being human puts them on a path to prevent other youth from ending up in the same situation as themselves.


Independent filmmaker born in Barcelona and based in the Caribbean. Director, DP and Editor of films, documentaries, commercials and television.
“I’ve loved to play with cameras since I was a child and to ‘capture the heart’ is my passion.”