Director: Campbell X
Country: UK
Total Running Time: 91 min
Year of Production: 2011



JJ, a black, lesbian stud with mad swagger and stone-butch tendencies, and her best friend, Seb, a cute, white twink with a penchant for brightly coloured nail polish, do everything together.

When JJ meets a beautiful femme named Elle at the local pub, Seb warns her that the seductress is trouble, to no avail: JJ is determined to have her, whether she’s seeing someone else or not. As JJ becomes more and more enamored with Elle and they begin a tumultuous, boundary-pushing relationship, Seb is busy lusting after his online conquests while thwarting the advances of a flamboyant drug dealer, their once solid friendship begins to waver.

But it turns out that Elle has something to hide that JJ can’t wrap her mind around, and Seb’s manly cyber crush isn’t all that he seems. As urban London’s homophobia affects both of their lives in different ways, JJ and Seb must lean on each other and both are forced to reevaluate their own stereotypes and beliefs on love and life.