Director: Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz
Country: US Virgin Islands
Year of Production: 2009
Total Running Time: 70 min
Language: English &amp Spanish
Rating: PG
Country: Canada
Year of Production: 2015
Total Running Time: 59 min
Language: English
Rating: PG



Sugar Pathways tells the riveting story of the unwilling migration by Puerto Rican families from the small Caribbean island of Vieques to the US Virgin Islands. This powerful and vibrant film recounts their will to survive, integrate and contribute to the culture, economy and politics of the Islands through personal interviews, new and archival footage and historic documentation. Sugar Pathways is narrated by actress Lauren Vélez of the Emmy Award-winning Showtime series Dexter.


Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz is a writer and producer of narrative films and music videos. She shoots high-definition footage for television documentaries and actively participates in organizations that address social issues and support independent filmmaking. Johanna has been awarded the Maffa Film Festival Best Short Documentary, San Juan Cinema Fest Humming Bird Best Short Documentary and Image Nation Special Mention Award. Some of her other films include Vieques: Islands Forging Futures, Exiles and Spirit of Expression .

Ms. Bermúdez-Ruiz speaks nationally to students at all levels, including at Rutgers University, New York University, Hunter College, Pennsylvania State University, and recently at the Junita Guarden Elementary School to encourage youngsters to learn about film production and pursue a higher education. Her film company, Cane Bay Films LLC, is based in the Virgin Islands.