Darisha J. Beresford | Feature | 97 mins | 2016 | USA/Trinidad and Tobago | English | PG 13


Lisa-Bel Hirschmann
Arnold Goindhan
Kirk Baltz
Michael De Souza
Rebecca Foster
Ruby Parris
Gary Moore
Conrad Parris


Joanna reluctantly takes a day off from caring for her sick father to hang out with her friends on the remote beaches of Trinidad. But what was expected to be a much needed break, suddenly becomes a terrifying turn of events when the group is robbed at gun point and Joanna goes missing.

Joanna finds herself isolated in a world of natural beauty as she musters the courage to emotionally battle the unsettled mind of her kidnapper. Inspired by a true story, THE CUTLASS slices a path through the vines of intellect and delusion to explore the depths of mental strength, unforeseen sympathy, internal freedom and the human spirit.


Darisha has more than a dozen years experience as a producer and writer / director, working on award winning commercials and television series. A Trinidad and Tobago native, Darisha was heavily influenced by parents involved in the arts, helping her to develop her early love of filmmaking.
“The Cutlass” is Darisha’s debut as a director on a feature length film. She has produced television content for networks such as Discovery, MTV, ESPN, A&E and the Food Network. Recently she has been focused on developing films that are culturally diverse and unique. Her recent work explores Caribbean and Caribbean American stories.