Ron Morales, Paul Pryce | Short | 14 min | Trinidad and Tobago | English | Digital


Paul Pryce, Marvin Ishmael, Michael Cherrie, Leslie-Ann Lavine, Evelyn Caesar-Munroe


Joseph Chike is a fisherman attempting to save his ancestral land by protesting a corrupt Government bent on destroying his village to make way for an oil refinery project. He’s a man at the end of his rope as he floats in his fishing boat out at sea reliving the horrors of the last failed confrontation.

With his wife, Vashti Chike, his most strident supporter now begging him to give up the fight for fear of their safety and angsty villagers, led by his fiery half-brother; Mano Brooks, clamoring for more violent protest action, Joseph has run out of support.

Until he rescues a wounded man out at sea; the mysterious Shane Khan. Reluctantly, he gives the man refuge in the village until he recuperates. Shane learns of the predicament facing the village and shrewdly brokers a deal with Joseph: help him traffic cocaine from Venezuela to Trinidad using fishing boats and he’ll get him the money he needs to bribe any government official to leave the village in peace.

With no options left, Joseph takes Shane up on his offer and together they set sail to Venezuela on their first drug run.


Ron’s debut feature film SANTA MESA (starring Oscar-winner Melissa Leo). His sophomore feature film GRACELAND won an audience award from Tribeca Film Festival 2012, Best Narrative Feature Award from San Diego Asian Film Festival 2012. GRACELAND was one of five films shortlisted for Academy Award “Best Foreign Film” at the Academy of the Philippines and distributed by Drafthouse Films in 2013.