Sasha-Gay Lewis | Documentary | 26 mins | Jamaica | English | Digital


Annette Irving, Joan McCarthy, Chris Cunningham


On May 23, 2010 a joint police/military operation famously known as “The Incursion” was launched in the innercity community of Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica to capture the notorious drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. This search climaxed in a deadly clash between the security forces, residents and supporters of Coke.

Told from the perspective of the residents, “The Incursion” is an immersive experience that chronicles the events of that day, the emotional and personal trauma the residents’ endured and its lingering effects on their lives today.


A storyteller first and foremost, Sasha is a Jamaican documentary filmmaker, producer, editor and writer who enjoy the process of discovery that is filmmaking.

With over eight years of experience in both the communications and production industry in Jamaica, Sasha has written, produced and directed radio and television commercials for clients such as Red Stripe, The European Union, Columbus Communications, Burger King, Scotia Bank and the Campari Group.

As a filmmaker, she has written, produced and directed seven short documentaries in Jamaica, Belize, and California; two of which were for the organizations ECOMAR and the Burbank Temporary Aid Center ( BTAC).
A former journalist with a passion for human psychology, cultures, the arts and history, Sasha enjoys exploring and highlighting stories and realities that challenge perceptions, change minds and behaviours, break down stereotypes, and facilitate connection.

Sasha holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media and Communications from the University of the West Indies, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Documentary Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy.

Sasha currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she works as a documentary filmmaker and producer.