Director: Howard Allen
Country: Antigua
Year of Production: 2011
Total Running Time: 100 min
Language: English
Rating: PG
Country: Canada
Year of Production: 2015
Total Running Time: 59 min
Language: English
Rating: PG



A young couple encounter strange occurrences after they find and sell an ancient artifact in Howard Allen’s highly anticipated new Feature Film . Based on Caribbean mythology and set in Antigua and Barbuda, THE SKIN is written and directed by Allen, produced by Mitzi Allen, and executively produced by HAMAfilms, Antigua.


Howard Allen is an independent film and television producer and the founder of HAMA Productions. In 2001 he made his Feature Film directorial debut with The Sweetest Mango — Antigua and Barbuda’s first locally-produced Feature and the first indigenous film for the Eastern Caribbean. He has been singled out by the Department of Cinema and Photography at Ithaca College, New York, for his innovative approach to filmmaking in a developing country.

Howard trains young people in the art of TV and film production in the hopes of building a cadre of future film industry professionals in Antigua and Barbuda. HAMA Productions was recognized by the Youth Department in the Ministry of Education with a Young Pioneers Award. He hopes that regional filmmaking will become as much a part of our creative and cultural expression as calypso and pan.