Joel Cabrices | Short | 4 mins | 2016 | Venezuela/Trinidad and Tobago | English | G



A young shaman travels to the spirit world to create a totem which will prevent nightmares from harming the children of the village he had to run away from as a child after discovering the threat his ability to communicate with any spirits could pose to the tribe he considered his family.
Along his journey he must encounter the four elements that rule the world and pass the mysterious test that each of them presents him, all in order to open the gates of the abyss, seek help from the spirit who weaves the nightly soul journeys and to defeat the malicious spirit harming his family.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago, Joel Cabrices is an animator and digital artist who has been exposed to a colourful mixture of cultures throughout his life. He currently works as a content creator for North Eleven Ltd, partnering with artists, musicians, directors, stage
designers, DJs, film crews and much more to create and enhance performances
with graphics, visuals and animations. Joel prefers a Vector/Minimalistic/Low-Poly style of animation which he learned during his studies at the secondary and tertiary level. It was at the University Of Trinidad & Tobago (U.T.T.) however, while obtaining his Diploma in Animation Studies, where he brought to life his student film ‘the WEB’. This film went on to win the Best Local Student Film.