Kit Weyman | Short | 0:14:58 | Canada | English | Alexa Mini


Joathan Ketlz, Tiffany Lighty


Three Days In July is a story of an interracial couple faced with an unexpected pregnancy, whose relationship is challenged by the string of shootings involving the Police and the African-American community in July 2016. With the prospect of a child on the horizon, some deeply rooted questions arise between them regarding their place in the world.


Kit Weyman is a recognized Toronto director, actor, and artist. Working since a young age in lead and supporting roles in film and television, Kit is also well known within Toronto’s music community, coming up in the hip-hop and music scene. Fusing the two worlds, he began directing music videos and visuals in 2012, and continues to work with some of the leading film and music talents in the city.

His first short film WAYS TO WATER was selected for the Coup De Coeur at the Cannes Short Film Corner, and featured at the Canadian Film Fest. Within his depiction of Toronto, Kit looks to frame the current cultural renaissance and the people within it. His storytelling creates windows to the shifting mythology of this diverse metropolis, and capture moments that merge the mundane with the magical.

Kit attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts, Ryerson Theatre school, as well as York University for creative writing and screenplays with a minor in fine arts and cultural studies. The exploration of the human relationship to water – metaphorically, scientifically, and socially – has also been a constant theme within his work. His videos and photography of the internationally toured exhibition “HOLOSCENES” has led him to create further immersive installations, where audiences are submerged within large-scale underwater visuals, projected on different structures and surfaces. Throughout his projects, Kit looks to create experiences for the audience that will open their mind and shift their view of this evolving world.