Mario L. Delatour | Documentary | 52 mins | 2016 | Haiti | English | PG


Véronique Jandon Gabard
Michèle Oriol
Fanfan Philogène
Noël Andris
Joseph Ronald Toussaint
Louissaint Jeantil
Yvon Emmanuel Elie
Winthrop Attie
Delice Daniel
Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis
Philippe Bayard


A veritable plea for a green Haiti, Where have our trees gone?? 300 years of tree cutting in Haiti is an awareness-raising documentary film that raises an alarm on the challenges of deforestation. It was produced in order to transform the ideas of the population on the stakes of the degradation of the environment. This film wants to change the way society looks to mobilize actors to get involved in reforestation efforts.
The images relate the complexity of the woodcutting phenomenon related to the production of coal and the consumption of bakeries, laundries and some factories. It also offers elements of understanding on the impact of the timber trade during the colonial period, the American occupation and the Duvalier dictatorship with interviews and unpublished archives.
Swiss cooperation in Haiti, conscious of the challenges of environmental degradation, has been working actively since 2003 to preserve the Pine Forest. The actions undertaken are part of a strategy to preserve natural areas by involving the local population.
The film by Mario Delatour, a powerful tool for raising awareness of the problems of deforestation in Haiti, provides historical and social keys to understanding the impacts of environmental degradation. Swiss cooperation is proud to contribute to a reference filmography in Haiti.


Born in South America to Haitian parents, Delatour’s career has taken him to Haiti, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and the Middle East. Delatour is touted by many observers as a natural-born storyteller, who uses film to tell his stories.
One of his most acclaimed documentaries has been Un Certain Bord de Mer, a work that chronicled Arab and Middleastern presence in Haiti. Delatour has also made Quarante Ans Après [Forty Years After], a documentary about the Jacmel-born poet, diplomat, and journalist Roussan Camille.
Delatour’s most recent project is Dead or victorious but not Prisoner, which traces the life of Alix Pasquet (and one-time Tuskegee Airman) and his participation—along with two Haitian exiles and U.S. nationals—in an invasion and overthrow of then-Haitian president Francois Duvalier in the late 1950s.