Director:Shakira Bourne & Ricky Redman
Year of Production:2014
Total Running Time:90 mins


Two Smart is a Barbadian psychological thriller about a disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker trapped in a gully during a tropical storm.

The plot thickens when Jon, and Madj offer to give Desiree, a young clerical officer, a ride in their van, but during an argument with her husband, Madj crashes the van into a gully. With cell phones dead and torrential rain falling, the three decide to wait out the storm and find help in the morning. However, the long night reveals a tangled web of lies and betrayal, where some relationships are more deadly than the raging storm.


RICKY REDMAN (director)
Ricky Redman is currently the CEO and Chairman of Acute Vision Incorporated. His first work was in design and imaging, but swiftly developed a mix of skills that included video work. In 2013 he shifted focus to the film industry, where along with partners Selwyne Browne (DP_ and Shakirah Bourne (writer) he produced the Feature Film Payday. In 2014 the three formed Bajans In Motion Inc, and Ricky co-directed his first Feature Film , Two Smart.