Director:Nele Goutier
Year of Production:2014
Total Running Time:12 min
Language:Spanish subtitled in English



Debajo de mi Piel (Under my skin) follows Ivan, a Cuban tattoo-artist who has to hide his activities for the Cuban regime. Ivan describes his activities as ‘not legal, but not illegal either’. Nonetheless tattooing has become increasingly popular among a large variety of people, as becomes apparent from the interviews with Ivans clients. Among them are an ex-convict who made his own tattoos with a knife while in prison, Cuba’s national weightlifting champion, a member of the Abakua sect, but also a devoted mother and daughter who were left behind when the rest of their family managed to escape to the USA. The documentary gives an colourful and highly accessible insight in the Cuban society.


Nele Goutier is an investigative journalist and documentary maker from the Netherlands. She is known from ‘The Sounds of Silence’ and ‘Debajo de mi piel’ – documentaries that both show her international and anthropological outlook. Nele has studied at universities in The Netherlands, Denmark, France and Indonesia and has attended the Cuban International School for Cinema and Television, where she has studied documentary directing. She has collaborated Unesco,the BBC and the Environmentalist.