Director: Steve and Stephanie James
Country: Guadeloupe
Year of Production: 2005
Total Running Time: 26 min
Language: French with English Subtitles
Rating: PG



Women West Indies Diaspora Feature s Caribbean women who have succeeded around the globe.

Born in Cuba, at an early age, Lili Bernard discovered the magic of shapes and colors and knew she was going to be an artist. Her paintings are a firework of colors, a family album and a political statement. Lili’s activism reaches far beyond her frames and becomes social in her curatorial work and community involvement. The exhibitions she organizes succeed in bringing together artists from various horizons and levels of experience. In order to challenge white supremacy in Los Angeles’ cultural landscape , she first created “”HABLA”” for Harvesting Asian, Black, Latino Artists, then “”BAILA”” for Black Artists in Los Angeles, both associations aiming at fostering the access of these groups and their works to mainstream museums and cultural venues.