All set for Closing Night

All set for Closing Night

Celebrating CTFF and 15 years of success .... Congrats for an enjoyable Festival 2020!

We did it!!!

Well done team - now time to celebrate an amazing CTFF 2020

Straight from my living room, in Sao Paulo (Brazil) to the Caribbean Film Festival 2020 closing night #CTFF2020



When you gotta work during your screening!!

First screening- Excited!

Messy hair don’t care cuz it’s Caribbean Tales Festival Relaxation time!

How about dinner and a movie?

Convenient film festival going

Good to go!

Everyone is in attendance!

Tonight’s set up for Determined Spirit

Tiny Bose speaker and my laptop ready for the two films ????!!!

That moment when you see yourself on Screen


Aisha is killing this!!

Shoegazer is amazing. Omg

Celebrating Friday with Caribbean Tales short films

Diana is the hostess with the mostess.

Popcorn + Caribbeantales!

It's family time with Flight by Kia Moses!

More Jamaica Night Excitement

Jamaica Night Excitement

Watching from the comfort of our couch

Late night dinner for Jamaica Night

Dinner and a movie!

Laughing out loud !

Watching CTFF from the comfort of my home :)

I really don't know what could be better than this! It's so comfy at home watching CTFF movies.

Ready for the laughs

Comedy Night is tonight!!!

It’s begun!!

Movie night with some hot cocoa and popcorn ????????

Opening Night Excitement!

Opening Night Excitement!

Enjoy everyone!